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Hundreds of Arabs participated on Saturday night in the funeral of the Arab who was killed during a police chase in Jaffa.

During the funeral, participants called out, "Allahu Akhbar!" (literally - G-d is great) and blocked off roads, stranding drivers who happened to be in the area.

Channel 2 reporter Gilad Shalmor was assaulted by Arabs as he filmed the funeral. He was transferred in light condition to Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital.

During the ensuing riot, dozens of Arabs threw stones and objects, breaking the windshield of a squad car and the windows of local shops.

Earlier on Saturday, Israel Police detained two Arab youths who rioted in protest of another youth's death.

The youth died while attempting to escape arrest for suspected involvement in a shooting incident.

According to one policeman, "The suspect fell and I tried to handcuff him, but he got up, tossed me aside, struck the middle of my forehead with his helmet, and escaped."

"At that point, with no other option, I pulled out my gun, called to him to stop, and shot several times towards his moped's rear wheel. I didn't see that I had harmed him, and the three suspects quickly escaped. I only heard that there were shooting victims ten minutes later."

In May, police raided a suspected Arab crime center in Jaffa.