Israel Hayom this morning
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Israel Hayom, which since its establishment has been considered a pro-Netanyahu newspaper and is owned by Netanyahu ally Sheldon Adelson, on Wednesday published an article sharply criticizing the Prime Minister.

The title given to Mati Tuchfeld's column is "Removing the Magnetometers: Netanyahu's Demonstration of Impotence".

"Not just the cravenness in removing the magnetometers.The problem began even earlier, with the servility that accompanied their placement. The Israeli response to the attack that killed two policemen on the Temple Mount was so insignificant and fearful that there was no doubt that any resistance on the part of the Arabs and the Waqf would lead to the State of Israel's surrender, which since 1967 has run the Temple Mount like a driven leaf," wrote Tuchfeld.

"Netanyahu is not the first Prime Minister to lead a line of Israeli helplessness in the face of the powerful Islamic currents that dominate the holy place of the Jews with a heavy hand, and former prime ministers were frozen in the face of weak threats from Turkey, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia when they began to renovate the Fallen Mughrabi Bridge or when the Waqf was working hard to remove the remnants of our Temple in the intensive excavations that were carried out on the hill without hindrance: Ehud Olmert surrendered to the Turks and granted them the status of super-observers when Israel sought to strengthen the foundations of the only bridge leading to the mountain used by Jews.

"But unlike previous prime ministers, Netanyahu's step in the cabinet yesterday was one aimed directly at his political base."

According to Tuchfeld, 77% of the public believes that the dismantling of the magnetometers is a capitulation, 67% are unsatisfied with Netanyahu's performance, and 68% believe that the original decision to place the magnetometers was the right decision.

Tuchfeld concludes, "Our Sages waxed extensively about the need to preserve the 'Glory of Jacob', that is, the uprightness of the people of Israel, as a condition for survival among the peoples of evil.Yesterday it was again fractured before the security cameras."