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A husband sued his wife for hiding the air conditioner's remote Haifa-Krayot News Net reported.

"She prevents our children from turning on the air conditioners, and they have trouble finishing their homework, are embarrassed to invite friends over, and prevent themselves from enjoying a break from the summer heat," the husband wrote to the court.

According to the report, the couple has been married for ten years; the current marriage is the wife's third and husband's second. The wife has two children from a previous marriage, and the couple has two children together, ages 6 and 8.

This summer, according to the husband, the couple's children often called his workplace and asked him where the air conditioner remotes were. A quick inquiry into the matter showed the wife had hidden the remotes, in order to save money.

Speaking in court, the wife said she is not stingy and was simply "saving money." Her lawyer said the woman believed it unnecessary to turn on the air conditioner during the day.

"Preserving energy is essential and good," the wife said. "Using an air conditioner when the weather is at its hottest does no one any good."

The wife's attorney also said the woman gave no explanation for why she locked two drawers which her husband believed to be filled with candies and chocolates.

"It never happened," the wife said. "I believe in moderation, not stinginess. We just moved into a large private house, and we have what we have not because of my husband's spendthriftiness, but because of the way I save money - including by not using the air conditioner when it's not necessary.

The court ordered both sides' attorneys to come to an agreement acceptable to both the parents and children on when to use the air conditioners. The court also told the wife's attorney that if the issue came up again, they would "obligate the wife to pay the court fees - and the cost of using an air conditioner is a pittance in comparison."

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