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Middle East expert Dr. David Bukay called in an interview with Arutz Sheva to sever the connection between Jordan and the Temple Mount - and restore Israeli sovereignty over the Mount.

"Israel must make clear that it is the sovereign on the Temple Mount and sever all ties in this context with Jordan. The concessions to Jordan are intolerable, we provide them with security for the continuation of the corrupt Hashemite regime - and receive nothing in exchange. It’s simply scandalous.

"The time has come to sever the connection between Jordan and the Temple Mount. We are the sovereign and we will determine who ascends the Temple Mount, how often they ascend and when, and every night the site [should be] vacated completely [by order of] the State of Israel. [They shouldn’t be] frightening us with an intifada."

According to Dr. Bukay, in the face of threats, Israel must take action. "The magnetometers were only an excuse. [In fact,] we need a lot more than that. There needs to be only one entrance, and we should be the ones who decide how many and who ascends. If the Fatah organization declares a ‘day of rage,’ then Israel should announce a day of rage of our own and close the Temple Mount to Muslims. We will then also impose a lockdown on Judea and Samaria and blockade all the Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem, with no one entering or leaving - and most importantly, we will cancel all the permits of the Palestinian workers. There are Chinese workers who are much better and more responsible, and Romanian workers who are willing to work harder.”

Dr. Bukay said that he believes the struggle over the Mount is only an excuse for terror organizations to carry out attacks: "The Temple Mount is just an excuse. They have nothing on the Temple Mount except politics. They are simply seeking excuses for what they have already planned.”