Netanyahu and Uzi Dayan in press conference
Netanyahu and Uzi Dayan in press conference Flash 90

Former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. (Res.) Uzi Dayan spoke about the tension surrounding the Temple Mount in a conversation with Arutz Sheva.

"We must not blink at this stage," says Dayan, "We need a lot less in-your-face arguing and more unity. Until now we have behaved, in my opinion, in a measured, responsible manner."

Dayan spoke about the attack that took place two weeks ago on the Temple Mount in which two policemen were murdered and declared, "It was deliberately done to hurt and incite and I think the Israeli response was correct until now.

"If there were no metal detectors and there was another attack, what would we say? That we did not take the basic measures found anywhere in the world, which are the most available and effective? If they had not had the metal detectors, would it have been quiet?They would have found another excuse," he says.

Following the attack in Neve Tzuf, Dayan called on the government and the authorities to act against the murderer's family, the instigators, and anyone who expressed support for the act.

Regarding the terrorist himself, Dayan makes it clear that he is sorry that the terrorist did not die in the attack. "I have no wish to criticize the soldier. I think that what he did was right and good because he mainly prevented the murder of more people, but when you encounter terrorists, the task is to eliminate them, not neutralize them. This 'neutralizing', the sterile language, has entered into every corner of our lives. If you encounter a terrorist, the basic task is to kill the terrorist. This is not always possible, it is not always correct, but in the case of Halamish, it would have been much better if the terrorist attack ended with the terrorist killed."

In the shadow of yesterday's Jordan incident, the possibility of a deal to return the security guard in return for removal of the magnetometers arises.

"The Jordanian incident is very complicated and if there are decisions that will take into account how to bring the injured security guard to Israel, and also produce quiet, it is not something that should be rejected out of hand."

In summary, Dayan refers to the situation on the Temple Mount and calls for action to change the situation and allows Jews to pray there."The current regime on the Temple Mount is not correct," says Dayan, and states that the demand for equal religious rights on the Temple Mount is both Jewish and democratic.

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