Arabs praying outside Temple Mount
Arabs praying outside Temple Mount Reuters

Dozens of Arabs rioted on Thursday evening on Maale Motta Gur Street in Jerusalem Thursday evening. Rioters threw stones and glass bottles at police.

Five police officers were lightly injured. Police used crowd dispersal methods to break up the riot.

Arabs also threw rocks, set off fireworks and threw firebombs at police officers in Issawiya. The rioters were dispersed using riot control measures.

At the same time Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was engaged in a consultation at the Prime Minister's office in Tel Aviv to deal with the tension over the Temple Mount.

Netanyahu convened the Security Cabinet immediately following the consultation in order to discuss Israel's options before the Friday Muslim prayers.

The cabinet will have to decide whether to continue the security measures on the Temple Mount implemented following last week's deadly terrorist attack at the holy site.

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan told Channel 2 that the metal detectors must remain on the Temple Mount because "the security interest in preventing future attacks in the wake of a desire to imitate what happened [last week] has to prevail."

"We must continue to install them (the metal detectors) on all roads to the Temple Mount. If the Shin Bet is opposed to the security measures, then it should offer alternatives, and that did not happen."

Turkish President Recep Erdogan on Thursday demanded that Israel remove the magnetometer metal detectors erected at the entrances to the Temple Mount following the terrorist attack.

"Within the framework of freedom of religion and worship there can be no impediment for Muslims" entering the holy site, the Anadolu news agency quoted Erdogan as telling Israeli President Reuvin Rivlin.

"Given the importance that Haram al-Sharif carries for the whole Islamic world, the metal detectors put in place by Israel should be removed in the shortest possible time and an end put to the tension," Erdogan demanded.

The conversation between Rivlin and the Turkish president took place despite the Foreign Ministry's position that it was inappropriate to hold the conversation at this time.

Senior Foreign Ministry officials explained that Turkey has been fomenting trouble on the part of Israeli Arabs in eastern Jerusalem for some time - and should not be given a foothold during Israel's attempts to calm the situation.

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