Minister Ayelet Shaked visits Netiv Ha'Avot
Minister Ayelet Shaked visits Netiv Ha'Avot Spokesperson

Residents of the neighborhood of Netiv Ha’Avot in Gush Etzion, 16 of whose homes are expected to be demolished by March 2018 following a ruling by the Supreme Court, attended a meeting of the Jewish Home faction on Monday.

The residents asked the Knesset members and ministers to act to cancel the planned demolition, or at least to postpone it and allow them to build alternative homes that would be habitable.

The Jewish Home faction is considering initiating legislation in the Knesset that will bypass the Supreme Court ruling on Netiv Ha’Avot and will cancel the demolition of the homes.

The party is also considering asking Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman to exercise his authority and postpone the execution of the demolition orders.

Another alternative being examined is the lightning construction of an alternative neighborhood for the residents of Netiv Ha’Avot. This alternative, however, seems impracticable because the process of legalizing the alternative land will continue for a long time due to Palestinian Arab objections to the move.

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