Arutz Sheva spoke with Adam Milstein, National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) at the DC Herzliya Conference about the need to differentiate between three types of anti-Semitism, and the radical Left's connection with Muslim antisemitism.

"Traditionally, everyone looked at antisemitism as one movement that has been an anti-Semite, is an anti-Semite, and will be an anti-Smite. We categorize BDS as anti-Semitic, we categorize threats against the JCC as antisemitism. It seems like everything is antisemitism, and in my opinion, we have to separate antisemitism into three different sources.

"Traditional antisemitism comes from the radical Right, the people who have been antiS-emites for the last two-thousand years, and they hate the Jews the same way they hate other minorities, and anyone that is not Christian. They are anti-Semites today, they will be anti-Semites tomorrow, and for the next perceived future.

"Then there's the new kinds of antisemitism. Let me start with radical Muslims. Since the seventh century, radical Islam looked at the Jews as an enemy of Islam, and it was hardly tolerated by Islam. Especially in the last hundred years when the Jews started settling in the Land of Israel, the tolerance became basically zero, and today the goal of radical Muslims is to eradicate the State of Israel, and basically push all the Jews living in the State of Israel out of it.

"The new anti-Semitism that we are seeing now is coming from the radical Left, looking at Israel as part of their vision of the strong people, the white people, the rich people, the influential people; and the radical Left wants to protect the weak, the minority, the oppressed, the underprivileged, and we seem to be in the same boat with the United States of America. They have a big problem with the United States of America; they'd like to change the way of our democracy here, they want to make America more socialist in nature, a country where all the income is being basically distributed between everyone, the net worth distributed between everybody, and really, equal rights, equal citizens, equal network, equal equal, and in that sense, they're unhappy with America. But it's very difficult being American and being an anti-American. So for them it's much more convenient to be anti-Jewish and anti-Israel."