Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett released a video Monday in which he explained the situation at the Western Wall following the government's decision to freeze the deal which would have created an egalitarian prayer section at the holy site yesterday.

Bennett explained that there is already a section at the Western Wall where men and women can pray together in accordance with the practice of the Reform and Conservative movements, and against the practice of Orthodox Judaism.

"Four years ago, in my capacity as Minister of Jerusalem Affairs...at night, I quietly had a nice deck built, called Israel plaza," Bennett said.

"It exists, and it is beautiful," he added.

According to Bennett, the liberal Jewish groups have been able to hold mixed prayers at the Israel plaza for the last four years. It was, however, a temporary solution.

Bennett further explained that the government's decision to freeze the Western Wall deal does not affect the plaza which already exists, and which still allows non-Orthodox Jews to pray at the Western Wall in mixed prayer services.

"As of this moment, every Jew in the world...can arrive, men and women, and pray freely here."

He said that the government enlarged the plaza despite the freeze of the deal.

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