Prof. Gerald Steinberg
Prof. Gerald SteinbergYoni Kempinski

NGO Monitor's Presdient Gerald Steinberg will receive on Monday the Bonei Zion Prize for Israel advocacy.

The Bonei Zion Prize is awarded annually to seven English-speaking immigrants to Israel who contribute significantly to the State of Israel.

"We congratulate President Gerald Steinberg on this milestone," NGO Monitor staff said.

NBN staff also congratulated Steinberg on the achievement.

Steinberg immigrated to Israel in 1979. He founded NGO Monitor in 2001, after the World Conference against Racism was abused by human rights organizations' political campaign to harm Israel.

The organization, which fights the efforts to de-legitimize Israel, makes a point of advancing discussion on the activities of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who involve themselves in the Israel-Arab conflict by claiming that Israeli is "violating the Palestinians' human rights."

Over the years, NGO Monitor has published several studies commissioned by various governments, diplomats, and the Israeli media.

In 2013, NGO Monitor became an official adviser of the United Nations Economical and Social Council (ECOSOC), and began to attend meetings of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. In the same year, NGO Monitor won the Menachem Begin Prize.

Since 2013, NGO Monitor has visited 13 European and African parliaments to explain its findings.

In May, NGO Monitor's work led Denmark and Norway to freeze funding to anti-Israel organizations, which they recognized for the first time as not being in line with the human rights agenda they claim to support.

In June, the Swiss parliament ordered the government to stop funding non-governmental organizations involved in incitement, racism, hate, and anti-Semitism.