Fire sparked in Golan after Syrian mortars hit Israel
Fire sparked in Golan after Syrian mortars hit Israel FLASH90

Mortar fire from Syria struck Israel on Monday, the third time in just 48 hours that the Israeli side of the Golan Heights has been hit. Sirens were sounded in the region.

The explosions from the mortar shells sparked fires in the northern Golan Heights, United Hatzalah reported.

The mortar fire came hours after Syria warned Israel it would face “repercussions” if the IDF continued to respond to stray fire emanating from Syrian territory.

Israel had retaliated Saturday night to stray mortar fire which struck the Golan Heights from Syria.

On Sunday, IDF forces again hit Syrian targets after a second wave of mortar fire from Syria hit Israel.

According to an IDF spokesperson, on Sunday the Israeli military attacked two Syrian artillery pieces and an ammunition truck on the Syrian side of the northern Golan Heights.

No injuries or damage have been reported in any of the three waves of mortar fire which hit Israel.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel would continue to respond to any attacks by the Syrian government.

“The IDF attacked Syrian army targets last night,” Netanyahu said at a cabinet meeting Sunday morning. “It was a military response to the mortar fire [which] exploded in our territory.”