Shaked at Netiv Haavot
Shaked at Netiv Haavot spokesman

The government is to discuss next Sunday the houses in Netiv Avot in the Gush Etzion region which are slated for destruction in accordance with a Supreme Court decision.

During the last few days ministers Uri Ariel and Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) visited the site. Arutz Sheva spoke with Udi Regonis, one of the residents of Netiv Avot.

"We are aware that the decision is final and requires demolition of the houses", says Regonis. "We are dealing with this already for many months. We are attempting to find another solution and not waiting for the last minute when we will be thrown somewhere, trying to move the system towards an alternative solution. Our goal is to regulate Netiv Avot and allow an alternative place for every family whose house will be destroyed in nine months time. These are the solutions we are working on and which we presented to ministers.

"Our goal is that ministers move the prime minister and the government bureaucracy to expedite and promote the solution." Regonis added that "we are alumni of Amona and Ofra, we can say the whole time what we want to say "here there will be no demolition" but unfortunately we see too much destruction. From a realistiv perspective we are trying to find another solution. The assistance will not arrive from the court which has proved time after time that there is one rule for Jewish residents and another for Arabs. We are looking to be practical and to change the accepted view of left-wing organizations which supports destruction of buildings. This is our direction and our goal. We want to prove to left-wing organizations that where they wished to see destruction they will see a greater amount of construction."

Despite the fact that previous promises by the prime minister to build more where houses were demolished have remained unfulfilled, Regonis is unfazed and says "we are trying to come as early as possible so that there will be no excuses for the government or others. We are coming early enough so that they can work with us to prevent these sights [of destruction]. That's what we hope for."

Regonis commended the prime minister and Justice Minister Shaked for their willingness to help but stressed that they must show a start to the construction process which is "long and complicated."

Regonis also commented on the absurdity of the legal situation they are in and the discrimination and prejudices demonstrated by the court: "The week before our hearing the court sat with a similar panel on a case of Jewish land registered in their name in the Negev, where Bedouin had illegally trespassed and constructed illegal housing. The petitioner wanted to remove them but the court did not understand why the houses should be demolished and why an alternative solution could not be found. A week later when our case came up, there was no proven owner and nobody registered in the Land Registry as owner, and most of the house was situated on state land and only a small part touching a farming area and for this reason the court decided to throw 17 families out of their houses. Its ridiculous, absurd and irrational, the court cannot adjudicate week after week in this manner."

Despite this, Regonis says that Netiv Avot decided not to demonstrate and to try and work with government ministers to find a comprehensive solution to the issue.