Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem
Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem FLASH90

A haredi man in his mid-30s was assaulted in the Old City of Jerusalem Sunday morning by a group of Christians as their procession passed through the Jewish Quarter.

The man, a married father of six, claims he was riding on his bicycle near his home in the Jewish Quarter when he was assaulted by members of the procession.

The assailants, in turn, claim the man had spit on the ground as he passed by the procession, a move they say prompted their angry response.

Passersby intervened on the man’s behalf, pulling him away from the enraged crowd, which had beaten him severely and left him bloodied.

Yet when police arrived, officers took the victim of the assault into custody, while allowing his assailants to go free.

Police took the man in for questioning, even as he was bleeding from the attack which had taken place just minutes before.

Attorney Rehavia Piltz from the legal aid group Honenu met with the man following his arrest.

“Once again we are witnessing the police abandon the security of Jewish residents of the Old City of Jerusalem,” said Piltz. “It is ridiculous that every time there is an incident involving a Jew and a non-Jew, Israel Police place the blame on the Jew and view him as the guilty party.”

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