Belz wedding
Belz wedding Flash 90

Thousands of hasidim from Israel and abroad will take part on Wednesday evening in the wedding of a the Belzer Rebbe's granddaughter.

Golda Nehama Rokeach is the fourth granddaughter of the Belzer Rebbe. She is the daughter of the Rebbe's only son, Rabbi Aharon Mordehai Rokeach.

The ceremony will be held at 7:30p.m. in Jerusalem's Belz Square at the corner of Dover Shalom Street, Shamgar Street and Oholei Yehoshua Street.

In order to ensure security at the wedding, Israel Police have announced that starting from 2:30p.m. all roads leading to Belz Square will be closed to the vehicles.

These streets include Shamgar Street from Tkhelet Mordehai Street, Petah Tikva Street from Zikhron Yaakov Street, Divrei Khayim Street from Torat Hesed Street, and Ohel Yehoshua Street from Minhat Yitshak Street.

Traffic police will be stationed to direct traffic through alternate routes.

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