Amona Amona PR division

The Civil Administration’s Higher Planning Committee on Tuesday authorized plans for the construction of the new community, Amichai, to be built in the Shilo bloc in Samaria.

When built, Amichai will house the former residents of Amona, who were removed from their homes on February 1st.

As part of a compromise agreement with the Netanyahu government, residents were promised a new town in Samaria – the first new Jewish community planned by the Israeli government since the early 1990s.

Avichai Boaron, a former resident of Amona and representative of the displaced families, said that despite Tuesday’s decision, the new community was still years away from completion, owing to the bureaucratic and political obstacles construction in the area faces.

“Unfortunately the approval granted today is just another signpost in the long bureaucratic process. This is not what will answer the needs of the expellees and their children in the short-run with summer coming and the next school year approaching. [They] are expected to enter the new buildings after a number of years.”

Until then, added, Boaron, the former residents of Amona had to make do with their crowded quarters in school dormitories.

“Sadly, were still in youth dorms after five months, and we’ll only have an immediate solution if the Prime Minister keeps his word and orders the Attorney General to approve the establishment of temporary housing on the site of the new town.”