Israeli supermarket (illustration)
Israeli supermarket (illustration) Flash 90

The Strauss company on Sunday announced a recall of some of the company's "Milky" puddings.

The puddings in question are chocolate flavored with 7% fat, and come in packages of eight. These puddings have an expiration date of June 23, 2017, and a bar code of 7290104726712.

They are being recalled because of concern due to an unusual taste and smell, possibly caused by improper refrigeration.

"Strauss is working to remove the affected products from supermarket shelves," a company representative said.

"There are only a small number - several hundred - of these puddings around Israel.

"The company has discovered that if the product is not refrigerated, it may develop a bad taste and smell.

"We have checked the product, and did not find any bacterial pathogens."

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