Evacuated from London mass murder scene
Evacuated from London mass murder scene צילום: REUTERS/Neil Hall

The British media are publishing first testimonies from the scene of the terror attack in London.
"We saw a body lying on the ground covered with blood," said one eyewitness. "We noticed the police sirens - and suddenly we saw another victim lying on the road," said another eyewitness.

James, a young man of about 24, told Sky News that he spotted two policemen armed with heavy weapons shouting at passersby to clear the road and took shelter behind a parked car, ."Suddenly there were three shots," he repeated."We also saw a van and a smashed car and then the police distanced us."

Gerald Wells, a 47-year-old man who was watching the Champions League final in a pub, told the Guardian that he had seen a woman stabbed 10-15 times by three men at the southern end of the London Bridge.

He said that he threw chairs, pieces of glass, and bottles at the murderers to stop them."They tried to stab me, they tried to stab other people. Bad guys. She shouted, 'Help me, help me,' and I could not do anything, I want to know if this girl is still alive.. I don't know what to do".

Another witness told the BBC: "They started kicking people, hitting them, they pulled knives, it was crazy, and one woman looked at them and they started stabbing her; there were people on the bridge trying to stop their bleeding."