US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump Avi Ohayon, Flash 90

In a Saturday speech at Sicily's US Naval Air Station US President Donald Trump said Netanyahu is "is ready to make peace."

"'Binyamin Netanyahu promised me he is ready to make peace. He is my friend and he means it," Trump told the US Marine soldiers stationed in Sicily.

Sicily is Trump's last stop in the Middle East before he returns home to the US.

"I went to Jerusalem and there I reaffirmed the unbreakable alliance between the United States and Israel.," Trump continued. "I visited Bethlehem, a city so precious to many, and met with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. He promised me that he wanted to make peace with Israel."

"America fought to defend Europe from the evil of Nazism and now we are fighting the forces of terrorism in the Middle East. There is no peace without those who are willing to carry the scars and wounds of war.

"Terrorism is a threat, a bad threat, to all of humanity. And together we will overcome this threat. We will win."

Regarding Iran, Trump said, "We also further isolated the Iranian regime over its hostile and destabilizing actions, and reaffirmed that Iran must never be allowed to obtain, under any circumstances, a nuclear weapon."

The First Lady's speech preceded the president's words, and to resounding applause, she described her visits to children's hospitals on the presidential trip and thanked the troops and their families for the sacrifices they make to keep America safe.

Watch President Trump and Melania's speech to the US military in Sicily:

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