Graduates of Course
Graduates of Course IDF spokesman

The closing ceremony of divers course no. 111 took place Wednesday at the Haifa naval base headed by Navy Commander General Eliyahu Sharvit and with the participation of the commander of the submarine fleet Colonel A, as well as the Base Commander Yuval Ayalon.

The divers course which lasts for 13 months is one of the most unique and prestigious course in the IDF. Hundreds of candidates apply for it every year. The course is voluntary, challenging, professional and gruelling and it involves three levels of training after which the new graduates receive the rank of sergeant.

The submarine force represents the main naval attack force and a major source of intelligence for the state of Israel. Divers work covertly and perform many tasks far away from Israel's beaches.

The graduates of the course will take combat positions in accordance with the professional roles they have trained for.

General Sharvit said in his concluding remarks that "to be a diver is not just to be a professional. Guard your values, emphasize friendship which is imperative for the complex work of a team which is dependent each on the other one's abilities. Go out, dive, win and come back in peace to port."