Vehicle of Attorney Yoran Hakham destroyed in blast
Vehicle of Attorney Yoran Hakham destroyed in blast צילום: Roni Schutzer/Flash90

The police renewed the investigation into the murder of lawyer Yoram Hakam and this morning (Wednesday) it was released for publication that a senior criminal was arrested in the affair.

At the same time, searches are being conducted in Netanya for the body of a man who, according to suspicions, was murdered many years ago.

Attorney Hakham, who was considered one of Israel's leading criminal lawyers, was assassinated on June 11, 2008, when a powerful explosive device planted in his jeep blew up on Yigal Alon Street in Tel Aviv.

For years, the police found no trace of a thread leading to the murderers, and no suspect was arrested in the course of the investigation.

Hakham, who was then 53, divorced, and the father of four, represented in his last case one Abutbul, who was then charged with running a criminal organization.

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