On way to Hamas rally in Gaza
On way to Hamas rally in Gaza צילום: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Hamas yesterday evening (Tuesday) organized a massive march in western Gaza to denounce US President Donald Trump for accusing it of being a terror group during his recent visit to the region, reported the Israel Hatzolah News Feed, amidst calls for Trump's assassination featuring weapons facing an effigy of the US president.

“The real terrorism is the occupation that kills the Palestinians and destroys homes over the heads of its inhabitants, and not Hamas that is considered a Palestinian national liberation movement practicing legitimate resistance in accordance with the international law,” senior Hamas official Ismail Radwan was not embarrassed to say, addressing a crowd of marchers.

Radwan condemned Trump for "ignoring Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people, their prisoners and holy sites," wrote the "Palestinian Information Center".

The Hamas official also highlighted the issue of prisoners in Israeli jails and the Gaza blockade, reiterating his movement’s support for their hunger strike and calling on Arab and Muslim nations to work on "breaking the siege on the impoverished enclave".