An 8-year-old boy took his own life two days after a bully knocked him unconscious at his Cincinnati school in January, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Surveillance footage showed the young bully pushing Gabriel Taye into the wall of a bathroom at the Carson Elementary School in Cincinnati. A detective said that the bully had already hit another student in the stomach before attacking Gabriel, who had done nothing other than attempt to shake his hand. Gabriel was knocked unconscious for about seven minutes.

Attorney Jennifer Branch, who represents the Taye family, said that the school never reported the incident to Gabirel's mother, who picked him up from school that day.

A spokesperson for the school said that Gabirel never said anything about being bullied, and had claimed that he had been unconscious on the floor because he had fainted.

Gabriel's mother took him to the doctor the night after the bullying incident after he complained of stomach pains and vomited. The doctors diagnosed him with a stomach virus.

Two days after the incident Gabriel's mother walked into his room and found that he had hanged himself from his bunk bed.

The family only learned of the bullying incident after their attorneys obtained a copy of the police file on the investigation into Gabriel's death.

The surveillance footage of the incident was only released last Friday, more than three months after Gabriel's death, after a police detective told the school administrators that he had seen a serious bullying incident as her reviewed the tapes.

The local coroner reopened the investigation into Gabriel's death following the release of the video.