Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu Reuters

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke during the Sunday morning Knesset meeting about the recent global cyber attack and the haredi extremists' burning of IDF effigies.

"We are in the middle of a global cyber attack," Netanyahu said. "Nearly 100 countries have been affected. Up until now, Israel's critical infrastructure was not affected, and we suffered only minor harm in other areas."

"However, that is true until this moment, and things may change any minute.

"A few years ago, we created a defense system, to defend against cyber attacks, and we founded the Cyber-Defense Authority. We saw what would be in the future, and we understood that we are facing a new threat.

"I ask only one thing of Israel's civilians and enterprises: Please listen to the Cyber-Defense Authority's instructions.

"There will be many more developments, and we will need to invest additional resources in order to secure the State of Israel - both on its security front and its civilian front. We will ensure Israel has the necessary protections against this new type of attack."

Speaking about the haredi extremists' Lag Baomer celebrations, in which they burned an effigy of an IDF soldier, Netanyahu said, "Yesterday, on Saturday night, an abominable thing happened in Jerusalem."

"An extremist sect, actually very marginal, of the haredi society, a sect associated with Neturei Karta, burned effigies of IDF soldiers.

"The effigies wore IDF uniforms and held Israeli flags. And the purpose was to harm haredi soldiers serving in the IDF.

"This was an abomination.

"IDF soldiers watch over everyone - including haredim, including the very people who committed this act.

"I expect and demand every public figure condemn this abominable action. And I ask that the police find those who are responsible for it."