Weapons workshop seizure
Weapons workshop seizure IDF Spokesman

IDF forces in the Shomron Regional Brigade operate constantly and extensively against weapons procurement and independent manufacture in Arab villages.

Such operations are held every night as part of the "Extensive Prevention" concept, a broad concept developed in the Judea and Samaria Division last year to disrupt and thwart potential terrorists before they strike.

The practical significance of "extensive prevention" is to carry out operations against infrastructure that enables terrorists to carry out terror acts.

During a joint operation by the IDF and the Shin Bet security service in the Balata camp, weapons workshops were found in three different locations, in which three lathes used for the manufacture of weapons were seized and dismantled.

"During our operational time in Judea and Samaria we enter night after night without breaks, to perform activities," said Battalion Commander Adi Ganon, who is currently completing his operational employment in the Samaria Regional Brigade. "Activities of this kind are very important for these purposes, and we work hard to create the most effective operations."

The struggle against independent weapons production is also intended to raise weapons prices in the market as a result of the reduced supply, due to the reduction of the ability to manufacture and seizure of existing weapons. Therefore, as a result of demand, there is a significant increase in prices, which make weapons impossible to obtain.

Since the beginning of 2017, 23 workshops and more than 150 weapons have been seized by the Judea and Samaria Division.

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