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A film produced by the radical left-wing organization B’Tselem is set to debut at a Tel Aviv theater Tuesday night, the latest effort by the group in its campaign to disparage and smear soldiers serving in the IDF.

The film’s release marks 10 years since the beginning of B’Tselem’s “Cameras Project”, in which the group distributed video cameras to Arab residents across Judea and Samaria, encouraging them to provoke Israeli security forces, then film their responses and release heavily redacted versions portraying officers and soldiers in a negative light.

Since the project began a decade ago, B’Tselem has adopted increasingly aggressive tactics for harassing soldiers serving in Judea and Samaria and, apparently, singling out individual soldiers even after the incidents filmed by B’Tselem provocateurs.

In an article published in Haaretz and a post promoted by B’Tselem, far-left journalist Amira Hass – who in the past has praised Arab stone-throwing attacks on Israeli civilians – provided an example of the radical left’s tracking of individual soldiers.

“To the parents of the officer with the beauty mark above his upper lip, who in February of this year served next to the settlement of Yitzhar: If you want to bask in your heroic son’s [glory] during an operation, go to the Tel Aviv Cinematheque this Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. Your son is the star of the show: pulling his gun on civilians, decisive, coordinating with the two soldiers there with him, shooting out his orders like a gentleman in broken Arabic, reporting to his commanders… ‘I’m with three youths, one with a camera, not that it bothers me much.’”

The incident in question, filmed by B’Tselem activists, occurred near the town of Yitzhar, when provocateurs acting on behalf of the group approached the town and were stopped by soldiers.