Rabbi Eitan Eizman
Rabbi Eitan Eizman Eliran Aharon

Jerusalem native Rabbi Eitan Eisman is not moved by UNESCO's decision denying Israel sovereignty in the nation's capital.

"The UN had an historic role when it declared our right to rebuild our nation in the Land of Israel. Thank God, the people of Israel returned to their land, built their country, we have a wonderful prime minister and ministers," he said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

"Everyone understands that the central task is to build in the Land of Israel - and the task of the government is to tell the whole world that we have returned to our country in order to begin building with great strength. That is the government's central role," he said.

"כנראה שהאו"ם סיים את תפקידו" אלירן אהרון