Life in school dormitory is unbearable
Life in school dormitory is unbearable Amona headquarters

The women of Amona who were evicted from their homes are appealing to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Tuesday ahead of a decisive meeting with the Prime Minister's Office on the future of the alternative town promised to the former residents of Amona.

It should be noted that the Attorney General is reluctant to establish a temporary residential site for the evacuees, which casts doubt on the decision of the political echelon to establish the new town.

The women wrote to the prime minister that "for more than three months, we have been living in dormitory conditions that are not suitable for the proper functioning of a family, a sense of great detachment, the daily loss of the home, the warmth and the family, parents, teenagers and small children. "

They added in their letter, "Mr. Prime Minister, it is your responsibility to put an end to our distress and to grant immediate approval to the land for the lands of the approved settlement."

In their letter, the women wonder how the attorney general, whom they called a "clerk," can prevent the decision to establish the town despite the decision of the cabinet and the government. "Is it possible that some official will prevent the Zionist decision that provides the only appropriate answer to the destruction of Amona?"

The women of Amona demanded that Netanyahu work tomorrow to establish the settlement, and remind the prime minister that he established Amona in his first government.