Soldiers on Temple Mount
Soldiers on Temple Mount Benzy

Two soldiers from the Kfir brigade who toured the Temple Mount Tuesday morning received a message from a police officer at the end of their tour that they would not be allowed to visit the holy site again until they underwent a clarification meeting with police officials.

During the course of the tour the soldiers saluted the site of the Holy of Holies on the Mount while wearing their army berets.

After the salute, the soldiers were informed that they would be taken for disciplinary action and that they had been restricted from entering Temple Mount in the future due to their salute.

Attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honenu organization which offers legal assistance to preserve their rights of people to receive a fair judicial process reacted to the incident and stated that "freedom of Jews in a Jewish state in the land of Israel requires that every citizen be allowed access to every place without any restrictions. It doesn't make sense that IDF soldiers who come to the holiest site on Independence Day should be barred from entering for no reason. This restriction has no basis and we will take legal action against it."

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