Restoring the monuments
Restoring the monuments Jordan Valley Regional Council

High school students in the Jordan Valley participated in a special project to restore local monuments.

Among the monuments restored were the Assaf Battalion's monument, located east of the town of Gitit. The monument is in honor of the brigade's fallen soldiers, most of whom who fell in the Galilee during June 1982.

The Assaf Battalian is Combat Engineering Battalion 601.

The Jordan Valley has been the location of many wars, and various IDF battalions. There are many monuments, some of them honoring soldiers who defended the area in the 1950s. The Jordan Valley Regional Council and the IDF take care of the upkeep of some of the monuments, but others badly need maintenance and restoration.

As part of the current project, the students learned about the First Lebanon War and about the battalion's history.

On Sunday, just before the start of Israel's Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism, the students finished restoring the monument.

The names of the fallen soldiers, which were etched into the stone but later destroyed, were restored. The greenery around the monument was carefully tended, and the monument itself was painted and the half-track in it was fixed. On the cement blocks around the monument, students drew the Combat Engineering shield.

Parents of the fallen soldiers, as well as the battalion's commanders, thanked the high school students for "breathing fresh life into the monument."

Jordan Valley Regional Council Head David El Hayani expressed pride in the students' work, and said he sees it as a moral project unique to the area.

"We will help students continue and expand the project, and restore additional monuments in the area," he said. "This is a huge contribution to our community, and it is the least we can do in order to preserve and honor the memories of the soldiers who fell in the Jordan Valley and Israel's wars."

Restoring the monument / Credit: Jordan Valley Regional Council

Painting and renewing the monument / Credit: Jordan Valley Regional Council

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