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Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Yemen accuses Iran of planning to take control of Yemen in order to strengthen ISIS/Daesh forces and Al-Qaeda.

Muhammad Al-Jaber said that Iran has taken the same approach in Iraq and Syria. So reports the Saudi Gazette.

Al-Jaber explained late last week that Saudi Arabia launched its "Operation Decisive Storm" in 2015, together with eight other African and Middle East countries, for several reasons: to stop Iranian militias from destroying the Yemeni people, to eradicate Al-Qaeda and Daesh in Yemen, and to support what he called the "legitimate" Yemenite government – that of incumbent President Abedrabbo Mansur Hadi.

Immediately after Decisive Storm ended, three weeks after it began, Saudi Arabia launched Operation Restoring Hope, which some analysts see as indistinguishable from Decisive Storm.

Al-Jaber also said that Iranian intervention in Yemen threatens to extend and protract civil-war fighting there, and that for this reason as well Saudi Arabia has entered the fray.

As evidence of Iran's bellicose intentions in Yemen, Al-Jaber noted that when the Iranian forces seized Sanaa, Yemen's capital city, they made sure to open the airspace for Tehran and an Iranian influx of weapons, ammunition and trainers.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are essentially mortal enemies. Al-Jaber quoted Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman as telling Yemeni tribal sheikhs that the aim of Decisive Storm was to preserve the Arab identity of Yemen.