Bashar Al-Assad
Bashar Al-Assad Reuters

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday accused Israel of "supporting terrorists" in Syria.

The comments were made in an interview on Venezuelan television which was quoted by the Syrian news agency SANA.

Israel, claimed Assad is playing a role in the civil war in his country “in different forms; first, by direct aggression, particularly by using warplanes, artillery, or missiles against Syrian Army positions.”

“Second, it is supporting terrorists in two ways: first by providing direct support in the form of weapons, and second by providing logistic support, i.e. allowing them to conduct military exercises in the areas it controls,” he continued.

“It also provides them with medical assistance in its hospitals. These are not mere claims or assumptions. They are facts, verified and published on the internet which you can easily access as proven evidence of the Israeli role in support of the terrorists in Syria,” claimed Assad.

Assad's interview aired on the same day that a series of explosions were heard near a Damascus airport.

Syria claimed Israeli forces were responsible for the attack, but Assad did not refer directly to that incident in his interview, so it is unclear when it was recorded.

Assad regularly accuses Israel of supporting “terrorists”, which is the term he uses to describe all the rebel groups fighting to oust him.

Last week, after Israel retaliated for the explosion of mortar shells in the Golan Heights, the Syrian army claimed Israel's actions were proof that it provides assistance to rebels trying to topple Assad’s regime.

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