BDS graffiti sign
BDS graffiti signPhoto: Miriam Alster / Flash 90

Yale University will grant the Gandhi Peace Award to BDS founder Omar Barghouti.

Barghouti has justified acts of terrorism against Israelis, defending the Palestinians’ right to "resistance by any means, including armed resistance."

His supporters claim that the BDS movement seeks a peaceful solution. However, Barghoti says "Israel has no right to exist" and denies that Jews are the aboriginal people of their country.

He also denies the Jewish people have a right to self-determination. They are not a people, he declaimed, and the United Nations’ principle of the right to self-determination applies only to colonized people who want to acquire their rights.

While Barghouti insists Palestinians must have "the right to have rights," he denies the Jewish people have any collective rights.

Another lie spread by Barghouti is that Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian children "for sport," claiming they "provoke" the children, "entice them like mice, and then shoot them" for no reason. Often, it is just because the soldiers are "bored."

In fact, the IDF is the most humane army in the world, often passing up opportunities to kill wanted terrorists in order to prevent innocent victims from being injured or killed as well. often do "random" acts of kindness towards Israel's sworn enemies.

Barghouti also claimed there were Jews in the government of Nazi Germany, and that Israel steals Palestinian water. Israel actually gives Palestinians 30 percent more water than it agreed to give in the Oslo Accords.

The BDS founder also accuses Israel of "scholasticide," claiming Israel is systematically destroying Palestinian education. However, he does not mention the fact that he received his PhD at Tel Aviv University.