After searches continued through the night, rescue teams located this morning a yeshiva student missing since yesterday in the area of Nahal Og (Og stream) in the Judean Desert. He was found healthy and well.

The incident started yesterday after 5 yeshiva students from Jerusalem who set out for a hike in Nahal Og began to suffer from dehydration.

The hikers called rescue forces, who located all the hikers except for one youth. “As it got dark, police forces and rescue teams began scouring the stream both by foot and with vehicles, with searches concentrated on the area where his friends said they lost contact with him.”

Assessing the situation towards midnight, it was decided to continue searches into the night.

Dozens of police volunteers, firefighters, and IDF forces worked in the field, scouring the area of the stream.

Within the framework of the searches, teams also employed the use of special vehicles, searchlights, and a helicopter. This morning, the hiker was located, and was found to be healthy and well.