Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Reuters

Sources close to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made it clear that the Prime Minister believes that the “All for the Family” plan presented today by Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon is "in the right direction."

The sources said that the plan would be examined by the Prime Minister "in a positive manner," even though the Prime Minister had not been briefed in advance on the Finance Minister's intention to publish it.

The program includes additional tax credits for parents of minors, an income tax benefit, and a significant credit for parents whose children are in daycare.

In effect, the Prime Minister has hushed the voices foretelling crisis that have been heard in the past few hours by several senior Likud officials.

Among the senior officials who made it clear that the plan would not be approved was coalition chairman MK David Bitan, who said, "A meaningful increase in disability benefits is the most important thing at the moment, and until this happens, there is no significance to new programs that are presented. We will not allow any budgetary transfers until the problem of the disabled is solved.”

Knesset Member Yoav Kish (Likud), chairman of the Knesset House Committee, said in a similar manner:

“I’m happy that Minister Kahlon has remembered that he is the Finance Minister and not the Communications Minister. We’re talking about a process which is in principle correct, but still needs to be checked in depth,” Kish said.

“Nevertheless, we must remember that, without support from the PM and Likud, the program will not be approved. Kahlon will not get Likud support without a significant increase in disability allowances - a subject just as important as lowering taxes on cellular devices,” he added.

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