Kinneret drowning scene (illustrative)
Kinneret drowning scene (illustrative) News 24

Two males aged 21 and 17 were swept away today (Wednesday) on the Kinneret's (Sea of Galilee) Lebanon Beach as they were floating on sea mattresses.

Along with the young man, a 20-year-old female was rescued by citizens riding on a jet-ski. Together with the 17-year-old boy was another boy who was also rescued by a jet-ski.

Police were called to the scene and at this hour they are searching the water and the beaches in an attempt to locate the two missing persons.

The police say that during early morning hours, strong winds blow in the Kinneret area. "At this time, bathing and swimming in deep water become dangerous, and entry into the water on rubber boats and mattresses poses a risk of drifting from the coastline and endangering life.

"We call upon vacationers on the shores of the Kinneret to obey rescue service's instructions and to refrain from entering the water on beaches without lifeguards," they added.