Tel Aviv train station
Tel Aviv train station Meir Selah

Over 1,000 women belonging to the “Women Wage Peace” group will take control tomorrow of the train line running from Tel Aviv to Beit Shean in northern Israel.

The women, dressed in white, will come from all over Israel to board the line, which will close especially for the event. The women, some of which are mothers of soldiers, and women from bereaved families, will come with the demand to prevent the next war and advance an Israeli initiative for negotiations with the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, a giant event is to take place in Beit Shean which will see the participation, among others, of MK Yehuda Glick (Likud), Michal Froman, and municipal heads of Beit Shean and the city of Afula in northern israel.

They will demand that decision-makers prevent the next war and advance a significant Israeli initiative for negotiations.