Police block area in central Oslo
Police block area in central Oslo Reuters

Police in Norway on Saturday neutralized an explosive device found in a busy area of downtown Oslo, The Associated Press reports.

A suspect was arrested, they said.

Police Chief Vidar Pedersen confirmed that the device, initially described as "bomb-like," was an explosive. The police Twitter account said it had been defused or neutralized.

Police did not provide any details about the suspect, or further information about the device.

Pedersen said the device was found on the street just outside the Groenland underground station, and police swept through the area to remove people from bars and restaurants, according to AP.

Norway was put on high alert following Friday's truck attack in neighboring Sweden which killed four people and injured 15.

The suspect in Friday's attack, a 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan, has been arrested. Reports on Saturday said the suspect was a supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS), having published ISIS-related materials on his Facebook page.