Yinon Magal
Yinon Magal Flash 90

Former Jewish Home MK Yinon Magal called on Israeli leaders to remember that Syria, whether it is the rebel forces or the regime, remains Israel's implacable enemy. He said this following a chemical weapons attack which left scores of Syrian civilians killed yesterday.

Magal criticized Channel 10 reported Nadav Eyal in an interview with IDF Radio after Eyal called on Twitter for the Tel Aviv city hall to be illuminated in the colors of the flag of the Syrian opposition.

"It's a disaster for my enemies," Magal said. "The rebels also want to kill us. They fire rockets at children and women. I do not mourn when disasters happen [to them]. I am tired of hearing this Western morality."

"I do not dispute that these are atrocities. I say that my enemies are human scum, and every day dozens of people there are killed, raped, and tortured. But I think first of my own children."

"My friends on the left used to say we could leave the Golan Heights in exchange for peace with Assad, the same Assad who is hurling gas at his own children."

"I think that the morality he defines as Western is Jewish morality," Eyal responded. "When children are killed in Syria, it is permissible to identify them [and say] these are children. When such things happen, it is shocking, and it is a good thing, if you are a human being, to be shocked."