Passover in the IDF
Passover in the IDF Flash 90

Preparations are now underway in the various IDF units for the Seder and the Passover holiday.

On Passover night, IDF soldiers and commanders on land, in the air force, and at sea will be seated at the Seder table and will celebrate the Passover Seder.

The IDF Food Center is preparing to provide camps, bases, and outposts with a special and rich menu for Seder night and the intermediate days of the holiday, including food items for performing the Passover Seder as halakhically required.

In preparation for the holiday, the IDF purchased 61.5 tons of matzo, 8.5 tons of fish, 52 tons of chicken, turkey, roast beef and grilled meats, 115,000 schnitzels, a ton of horseradish, two tons of haroset and two tons of artichokes. For dessert they will be provided 8.5 tons of kosher for Passover cakes and cookies.

In addition, for the holiday, the IDF Food Center is set to provide a wide range of kosher for Passover products, including 7.5 tons of matzah meal, 4 tons of potato flour, 120,000 kosher for Passover rolls and 2.7 tons of matza ball mix.

For the soldiers stationed in outposts, observation posts, and pillboxes, the IDF Rabbinate will issue about 5,000 personal portions, in order to allow all soldiers to hold a proper Passover Seder.

The upcoming Passover holiday will be the first to provide a full response to vegans, gluten sensitive, and allergic soldiers with kosher dishes for Passover.

Vegan soldiers will also receive kosher for Passover items daily for those whose custom (as Sephardi Jews do) is to allow legumes, approved by the Military Rabbinate and the Chief Military Nutritionist.

In addition, a bread substitute will be issued this year for the Shabbat before Passover and a kashering day for military kitchens will take place in all army units.

Before the holiday begins, the Chief of the General Staff, Gadi Eizenkot, and the head of the manpower and IDF Spokesperson's Office, Maj. Gen. Moti Almoz, will meet with the 450 lone soldiers who are holding their Seder at the holiday resort of Yahad lma'an hahayal in Givat Olga, where they will offer their holiday blessings.

The Seder night for the lone soldiers, held for the 16th year in a row, was held by Yahad lma'an hahayal with the contribution of the CZCA organization in Canada in cooperation with the IDF manpower division.