Rabbi Berland in hearing
Rabbi Berland in hearing Flash90

The parole board headed by retired Judge Shlomo Isaacson has decided that the sentence handed to Rabbi Eliezer Berland is to be shortened by a third.

Nevertheless, Rabbi Berland’s release will not be to his home, but directly to a motel near Hadassah Medical Center.

“The prisoner will be responsible for all costs involved in his stay at the motel and for funding the security staff,” the release decision reads.

In addition, the decision stated that Rabbi Berland’s stay at the motel is conditioned on complete house arrest. “Any request on the part of the prisoner for a change in the conditions of his stay at the motel is contingent on the approval of the parole board,” it reads.

Yesterday, it was reported by Channel 10 that Rabbi Berland has blamed the prison service for “negligence,” which he said has caused his medical condition to worsen.

His lawyer, Rotem Tobol asserted that the prison service diagnosed his sickness over 5 months later than it could have been diagnosed, and that nothing less than neglect was involved. According to the report, Rabbi Berland intends to sue the prison service for negligence.