Hashachar Ha’ole chocolate
Hashachar Ha’ole chocolate Arutz Sheva

Moshe Weidberg, the CEO of Hashachar Ha’ole responded to an op-ed which appeared in Haaretz calling for a boycott of the chocolate company because of his donations to Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

"This is a company that donates tens of thousands of shekels a year to the settlements," Roger Alpher accused, referring to the company which makes one of Israel's most popular chocolate spreads. Alpher called the company "tainted" by Weidberg's donations.

Following Alpher's column in Haaretz last week, many Israelis took to social media to say that they planned to buy Hashachar Ha’ole chocolate. Weidberg said that it is impossible to know at this time if sales have increased.

"The changes are seen in later stages, and it is important to remember that sales always rise before Passover."

Weidberg said that he is moved by the support he received from Israelis. "We stand amazed and speechless in the face of the boundless love and support we receive as a result of the call for a boycott of our products."

When asked if he believes Israeli citizens will continue to buy the chocolate spread throughout the entire year, Weidberg replied: "We are believers and the children of believers, and we will do our best. I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Jewish people a happy and kosher Passover."

“I believe in a Greater Land of Israel, which you call ‘the occupied territories,’ and I wish I could donate even more,” Weidberg said in an interview with Haaretz in 2015.

He added that he would "rather go bankrupt" than donate to radical leftist group B'Tselem.