Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud Abbas Reuters

Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas praised President Donald Trump on Thursday, saying he is "serious" about solving the Israel-PA conflict.

"The U.S. administration of President Donald Trump is seriously considering a solution to the Palestinian issue," Abbas told AFP following a meeting of the Arab League in Jordan.

Abbas met with Trump's Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt before leaving for the summit and said contacts with the administration were ongoing.

"(There is) continuing dialogue with the American administration and there were a number of issues they wanted our opinion on or our answer to them," he told AFP, adding, "We gave them our position on all their questions."

Abbas is expected to meet with Trump in Washington for the first time in April. The meeting between the two was discussed during a telephone conversation earlier this month.

Following that conversation, Abbas also praised Trump and said he brings “hope” for peace, even though PA officials had previously criticized Trump for his failure to stop Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria.

Earlier this week, Abbas called on Israel not to waste new opportunities for a peace agreement based on the “two-state solution”.

Despite his calls on Israel to work towards a peace agreement, the PA chairman has consistently refused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s invitations for direct negotiations, and has instead chosen to impose preconditions on such talks.