Erez crossing
Erez crossing Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The UN has joined Arab NGOs in criticizing Hamas for closing the Erez crossing into Israel, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

Hamas shut the Erez crossing on Sunday after blaming the Jewish state for killing senior Hamas terrorist Mazen Faqha in his home last Friday.

On Monday, they reopened the crossing for people going into Gaza, but people under the age of 45 are still largely prevented from leaving.

The UN humanitarian agency OCHA on Thursday blasted the move, saying it was "negatively impacting already vulnerable sectors in Gaza."

The agency added that dozens of people have missed hard-to-get medical appointments in Israel, while international consultants have been unable to enter Gaza to work on development projects.

Earlier on Thursday, the “Palestinian NGOs Network”, a coalition of more than 100 charities and rights groups, demanded the "lifting of restrictions and restrictive measures which violate human rights".

"Security goals should not come at the expense of human rights," it added.

Faqha, 38, was shot dead last week by unknown gunmen with four bullets from a pistol equipped with a silencer.

Hamas officials were quick to blame Israel for Faqha’s death and said they believe the killers received help from inside Gaza. Israel has not commented on the shooting.