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Those of us who witnessed the Six Day War know the taste of miraculous victory. Those among us old enough to remember just the Gulf War know only the flavor of miracles. If you were born after Oslo, you only remember defeat, foreboding, bumbling politicians and ignominious retreat. For the first time in the lives of many, righteous gentiles are rallying to our cause before the United Nations, while enemies take counsel and begin to talk with respect.

Yet "like a groundhog blinking out at the sunlight", the Israeli Right never had a contingency plan for success and each one scrambles to maintain political viability by delineating his/her ideological comfort zone, which wafts somewhere in the expanse between what they perceive President Trump and their constituents to be willing to forgive. Ideas about Israel's future that were once unthinkable or merely radical are now acceptable or even sensible. Who will be wise enough to rally popular support for these ideas in order to transform them into government policy also depends upon how much they perceive we are willing to forgive.

Thus the heads of the Knesset Eretz Israel Lobby sent an urgent letter to the Prime Minister and the cabinet, stressing their expectation that cabinet ministers respond negatively to any Trump proposal that includes restrictions on building in Judea and Samaria.

Reader David Garrett concurs, calling on Netanyahu to "stop begging foreigners, friends or foes alike, stop begging or asking for 'permission' to build homes and communities for your citizens. It's absolutely demeaning (as well as horribly dysfunctional)."

* * *

This week Arutz Shevareported on the widespread incidence of innocent people serving sentences in Israeli prisons. A sensible suggestion was offered by reader Aryeh Zelasko: "Something that would help is 'An equality before the law' bill. This would award full reimbursement to a person acquitted of a crime. It would require the State to pay for all his legal expenses, time in jail, loss of income and public humiliation. The State has unlimited money to pursue a case but not most defendants. As a result many if not most will plea bargain and falsely admit to a crime they did not commit. Knowing that they will be paid if their client is acquitted will motivate the defense to fight to the end."

* * *

Regarding the kashrut monopoly issue, Aryeh Zelasko again astutely observes, "Monopolies are bad when they are in the economy. However, government itself is a monopoly as are the services it provides. Does he also propose that we allow private militias or police forces? Maybe alternatives to health and building inspectors? People could pick which inspector they want. The competition would no doubt increase the safety of the public. The reality is that there are already many private Kashrut services. It these people were interested in advancing the level of Kashrut in Israel, they could offer their own service. I can only speculate that they are interested in something else."

* * *

And about the Anonymous cyber-attack on Israel reported this week, reader Mealea Ying points out: "Something to understand about Anonymous is that they went dark several years ago, and that now anyone can call themselves Anonymous. The result of these two facts is that what you think you are seeing on YouTube and other sites is very likely not Anonymous. Since anyone can call themselves Anonymous all sorts of groups have done exactly that, including fake news agencies such as The Conservative Tribune who has their own 'Anonymous' channel on YouTube and posts somewhat regularly under that name on various google sites such as Google+.

"The short story here is that you are being duped into thinking you know who is doing this stuff. As is pointed out in the article most of the more recent attacks have been unsophisticated and disorganized, this is not how they do things. They also make a point not to be predictable and that's another telling little tidbit, scheduling an attack on a certain day and announcing it publicly is sort of stupid. Anonymous is anything but stupid."

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