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The judge of the Netanya Magistrate's Court, Ariel Bergner accepted the petition filed by Esther Dvir and Tama Dvir, wife and daughter of Shlomi Dvir, one of the perpetrators of the Bat Ayin underground affair.

The two filed a civil suit following the police investigation against them in the Bat Ayin underground affair about 14 years ago.

On the other hand, the petition of Shlomi Dvir, who was convicted for his part in the attack on a girls' school in the A-Tur neighborhood of Jerusalem, was rejected.

Esther Dvir, Shlomi's wife, was questioned in the affair on suspicion of failure to prevent a crime. The daughter, Tama Dvir, was an 8-month-old baby during the interrogation and was forcibly removed from her mother's hands in the course of it.

Judge Bergner ruled that the daughter Tama was exposed to great suffering from the physical act of abuse of her mother, her forcible removal from her mother's hands, and from the emotional aspect of being forcibly removed from her mother. In light of this, the judge determined compensation for pain and suffering in the amount of NIS 10,000.

Regarding the mother, Esther, the judge ruled that she was interrogated for about five hours, an interrogation that caused her great suffering. In addition, it was determined that she experienced severe violence when she was beaten by a police investigator and by Inspector Shmulik Piamenta. Her baby daughter was forcibly removed/torn from her hands. She was handcuffed to a chair. She experienced unnecessary detention, smoking in her face, even when her baby daughter was in her hands, her Book of Psalms was snatched from her hands and thrown to the floor. Males observed her when she nursed her daughter and improper attempts were made to violate her basic right to remain silent.

In light of the physical and especially mental suffering, and especially the great suffering when her baby daughter was forcibly torn from her hands, Judge Bergner awarded to Esther Dvir compensation for pain and suffering in the amount of NIS 100,000.

At the end of the judgment, the court ruled that the police investigators abandoned moral values ​​and made use of their absolute power in a corrupt manner by making excessive and exaggerated use of the force vested in them by law against the two.

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