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The military prosecution in the case of Elor Azariya has received a letter, signed by senior Attorney Moshe Yisrael, that includes a power of attorney written by Azariya’s attorney Yoram Sheftel.

According to a report published this morning in Yediot Aharonot, Yisrael calls in the letter for negotiations regarding Azariya’s case, so as to bring about a cancellation of appeals from both sides - both that of the prosecution against the 1.5-year jail sentence imposed on Azariya, and that of Sheftel which appeals the manslaughter conviction itself.

Attorney Yisrael confirmed to Yediot Aharonot that he had, indeed, received power of attorney, saying that he sees “great importance in coming to a quick conclusion, that will make things easier on [Azariya], to the storm sweeping the Country, Army, and family.”

Likewise, Sheftel’s office expressed last night readiness to hold talks to put an end to the appeals: “after the military prosecution keeps dropping hints to the press that if the appeal is dropped, it will, for its part, dramatically soften Azariya’s sentence, we are hereby waiting for this, and are ready to cancel the appeal on the condition that such a proposal is indeed placed before us.”

On the other hand, the military prosecution said Thursday morning that its staff had not met with Azariya's attorneys and that it had no intention of meeting with them. However, it did not confirm or deny the receipt of a letter from the soldier's attorney regarding negotiations.

The hearing for Azariya’s appeal is scheduled for May, and will be held under the auspices of the President of the Military Court of Appeals Doron Piles, two professional judges - Yigal Plitman, President of the National Labor Court, and Tzvi Segal of the Jerusalem District Court. In addition, the panel will consist of two non-jurists: General in the Reserves Eyal Eisenberg, formerly Commander of Home Front Command, and General Avi Peled, formerly Commander of the Golani Brigade.

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