MK Ariel on Temple Mount
MK Ariel on Temple Mount Facebook

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel(Jewish Home) responded sharply to reports that the Prime Minister would not be issuing permits to ascend Temple Mount until after the Ramadan month in three months time.

Ariel said that "any delay in allowing MKs to ascend the mountain harms Israel's sovereignty over the mountain and harms the fundamentals of democracy in the State of Israel. We cannot allow another delay in letting MKs ascend Temple Mount. Not three months and not even three days. It must be permitted immediately."

"The timing of the publication raises suspicions that the prime minister is only acting in response to the Supreme Court and it is doubtful that his decision will be implemented,"said Ariel.

MK Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli also queried: "Why wait? Why not allow MKs to ascend Temple Mount tomorrow? The police have long since said that there is no problem for publicly elected officials to ascend Temple Mount.

"There is a clear understanding that Hamas and the PA are encouraging incitement on Temple Mount, while Jews would never profane this sacred place. Yet despite this, it is better late than never. On the first day it is permitted, I will ascend Temple Mount."

Earlier MK Yehuda Glick(Likud) had said that he will not retract his petition to the Supreme Court to be allowed to ascend the Temple Mount since the prime minister is delaying permitting Jews to do so.