Abbas Zaki
Abbas Zaki Flash 90

In an article published by the Palestinian Authority daily Al Quds, Fatah official Abbas Zaki called on the terror organization to "recruit tens of thousands Fatah activists to rise up against Israel."

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is also a Fatah member.

According to Zaki, if Fatah recruits members and begins an uprising (intifada) against Israel, the other terror organizations will act similarly, and Fatah will be returned to the leadership position it held in 1967, when it returned "the Arabs' national hope" by means of "revolutionary acts."

In his article, which was translated by MEMRI, Zaki wrote, "The sword continues to be aimed, and the gun continues to precede the olive leaf."

He also called on Arab officials to continue their attempts to harm Israel in international courts.

"We need to wake up and do something concrete to integrate tens of thousands of Fatah activists into our civilian uprising against the settlers and the occupation's forces," Zaki wrote. "The numbers of these activists will immediately double, when other national and Islamist organizations join them, together with civilians of our great nation.

"This is because what binds us is the fight against Israel, and not the dialogue with Israel, which has already lost its efficiency in every way.

"The government and Palestinian Liberation Organization's active committee needs to chase after Israel in international courts, try Israel for its continued crimes, and present everything related to Israel as criminal activity: the settlements, the prisoners, the destruction of the foundations of Palestinian life, arson crimes, murder, demolition of buildings and taking away our nation's freedom.

"We must present these as criminal acts in order to class Israel as an apartheid state, like the United Nations stated in their report on the social and economical development of Asia."

Zaki also called on Fatah activists to "close off the roads leading to towns in Judea and Samaria, in order to force Israeli forces out of the Palestinian Authority's territory."

In fact, while Jews are not allowed to enter Arab villages - and would lose their lives if they did - Arabs often enter Jewish villages to murder residents and set fire to buildings.