Netanyahu and May
Netanyahu and May Kobi Gideon, Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened the weekly cabinet meeting this morning (Sunday), referring to his meeting this weekend with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

"On Friday, I spoke with British Prime Minister Theresa May. I sent her condolences on behalf of all the citizens of Israel and the government of Israel to the families of those murdered and of course, my best wishes for the wounded's recovery," Netanyahu said.

"I told her that we in Israel have faced terrorist ramming attacks and stabbings, and we understand that the terror that strikes us is the terror that strikes in London and strikes in Brussels and strikes in Nice and elsewhere in the world ... It is the terror of radical Islam that we have to work together against it everywhere, in order to defeat it. We will defeat it much faster if we work together," said the Prime Minister.

Netanyahu also said that he took advantage of the conversation to thank May for changing Britain's position on the UN Human Rights Council. "I also thanked her for the intention that was actually implemented a few hours later at the Human Rights Council, as this strange UN body is called, about the change in their vote and, more importantly, about the important speech that was delivered there by the British representatives, and what was said there that if the bias against Israel continues in this body, then Britain will consistently oppose all decisions ... I think this is an important sign in the direction we want to encourage the international community to follow. We think it is time to start changing the distorted attitude against Israel in international bodies."

Netanyahu referred to his official China visit last week, during which Israeli companies signed deals with Chinese companies. "The report that we received from the Foreign Trade Administration in the Ministry of Economics is that some 25 Israeli companies signed deals worth $2 billion during the visit, mainly in health, agriculture, water, and of course Chinese capital investment in Israeli funds.

"During the visit, China granted Israel unique status that no other country in the world enjoys as a central partner in innovation development. China has a similar, but different, relationship with another country - with Switzerland - and they stress the importance they attribute to Israel's connection to technology and innovation," Netanyahu added.

The Prime Minister said that at his request the Chinese president agreed to examine the question of its specific investment policy for Israel. "China has recently decided to limit, to halt its external investments for its own reasons - I am talking about in the world - not Israel - in general. And in light of my request, the Chinese president said he is willing to examine Israel's exclusion, meaning that Chinese investments in high-tech and other sectors in Israel will continue.

"I have to say that we were received with real warmth," Netanyahu said. "It was clear from all the signs - even in the Chinese economic sector, where it should be said that it is a sector guided by the government, and in all my contacts, with ministers, in ceremonies, which are extremely important in China, it was discernible that China is intensifying its ties with Israel, and that these developments are very important, both for the Israeli economy and for the citizens of Israel, as well as for the strengthening of the State of Israel in the world, the superpowers, and many other countries. "

The Prime Minister denied reports about an upcoming agreement with the United States regarding Judea and Samaria construction: "In recent days there have been reports in the media about alleged summaries of our discussions with the White House regarding settlement construction. I want to clarify that there are many inaccuracies in these reports. I will not go into details, our talks with the White House continue - I hope they will end soon."