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Mel GibsonReuters

Mel Gibson, the Catholic actor/director who in the past struggled with an anti-Jewish image, has been discreetly supporting an organization that helps Holocaust survivors.

Comedy director Zane Buzby, founder of the Survivor Mitzvah Project, recently told Extra that her organization helps “bring emergency aid to Holocaust survivors in Eastern Europe who are in desperate need of food, medicine, heat and shelter and we always bring them friendship and hope.”

Buzby says that “the goal of the Survivor Mitzvah Project is to make sure that no Holocaust survivor who has endured the darkest days of human history will ever be hungry again or suffer or be forgotten or neglected.”

Gibson was approached by the Survivor Mitzvah Project, and reportedly did not hesitate to get involved: “He has been an avid supporter of this organization for a few years now and doesn’t just write a check,” according to a source quoted by Extra.

“He has been to the office and personally learned about the mission and the people helped on an ongoing basis. He’s also helped raise additional funds by getting others involved. Mel feels great compassion for what this organization does. And he doesn’t publicly promote most of his philanthropy but quietly helps out.”

As for Gibson’s contribution, Buzby said, “Mel Gibson is helping Holocaust survivors in eight countries, it’s remarkable. I have a great respect for people who turn their lives around, and I think that everyone makes mistakes in life, and I think the real proof of what kind of human being you are is what you do with that mistake. He’s educated himself. He’s done philanthropic work now, and I think that actions speak very loudly … and his actions have helped a lot of people.”

“Mel has showed some remorse over his past behavior,” said a Gibson source. “Mel wants to be remembered for his work. He has worked on his issues and has definitely shaped up.”